Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok so here is my Review of Oxygenetix but first I copied the description of it from Lovelyskin so you know what I'm talking about.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This foundation contains Ceravitae Complex, a patent-pending formula proven to increase oxygen uptake, stimulate skin cell production and speed the healing process following most procedures. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation gives complete and natural coverage to even the most sensitive and compromised skin and is a truly breathable makeup.

When applied over Oxygenating Moisturizer, Oxygenating Foundation acts as a virtual second-skin, allowing it to breathe as necessary for functional human wound healing of the skin. This second skin technology creates a delivery system allowing Ceravitae to:

1) speed connective tissue reconstruction
2) systematically build collagen layers
3) reinforce natural skin healing.

The Results:
1) Less down time
2) Complete, undetectable coverage from day one
3) reduced scar tissue
4) continuous protecting with continued use.

Oxygenetix Foundation is also:
* Water Resistant up to 90 minutes
* SPF 25
* 7 Blendable, Color-corrective shades
* Transfer Resistant
* Hypoallergenic
* Completely non-irritating, even to acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema

Ok so I had read all sorts of things about this being the New "Dermacia MD" so since I absolutely love Dermacia MD I figured I would like this. I have acne prone skin and huge pores and only Dermacia MD has really worked to cover up and at the same time heal my acne with Salicylic Acid. I just ran out of my Dermacia MD and figured I'll order Oxygenetix instead. Well I got my order and I am not sold on it. For one I ordered the beige which I use in Dermacia and find that the Oxygenetix is a little orangy and has to be blended extremely well. It even seems to get more orangy throughout the day. It also does nothing to cover my pores or any blemishes, not sure when the "complete and natural coverage" comes in but I didn't like the coverage it was more of a tinted moisturizer then a foundation. It was not cheap either at $66 a bottle. It may be a good option for someone who wants a oxygenating foundation but has smooth skin already. I have since ordered my Dermacia and plan to blend it with the oxygenetix so that I didn't totally waste my money. Also I figured I'll finish the bottle and see if it does anything as far as making my skin any better, it claims that its ingredients do wonders for all skin types. I am just wondering how this foundation covers burns and how it works as a post procedure care foundation. I cannot see it covering much as it doesn't cover my blemishes too well. So to break it down I listed my pro's and con's.

Non-Irritating to my skin which is a major Plus because I have sensitive skin
Non-drying, which in the winter my skin is very dry in areas
Ingredients seem to have some benefits for the skin

Doesn't give me good coverage (which I was looking for)
Beige Color was orangy on my Medium toned skin

So it didn't work for me but if you want to try it for yourself they sell it at Lovelyskin. I would read their return policy, I think they will let you exchange it if you are dissatisfied but there's a 15% restocking fee.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Acne Treatment picks

Drying Lotion (1 oz.) - $ 17.00

From: Mario Badescu Skin Care

One of my top picks for a spot treatment for acne is Mario Badescu's drying lotion. It looks like calamine lotion and is put on using a q-tip, it dries up pimples overnight and it actually works! You can read more reviews right on their site. Another product I love of theirs is their Drying Mask. I use them both as a spot treatment overnight and the drying mask as a whole face mask once a week. If skin gets too dry there is a healing and soothing mask you can use after the drying mask which works great. I actually love most of their products and they have a chat session on the site for questions.

Drying Mask (2 oz.)

From: Mario Badescu Skin Care

Mario Badescu Skin Care

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Green Cream Review

Green Cream - Level 3 (1 oz.)

For one of my first reviews I would like to review Green Cream, I got turned onto Green Cream through reviews I saw online and through an acne board. I was on Retin A when I was younger for acne but when I no longer was seeing a dermatologist I could no longer get a RX for Retin A. I wanted to find a strong form of Retinol that worked like a RX grade retinol because of all the benefits of Retinol for anti aging and also for acne.

Description of Green Cream :Green Cream Green Cream is an advanced retinol treatment for all skin types. Founded by Dr. Nia Terezakis, a dermatologist with more than 30 years' experience, Green Cream uses retinol, a stabilized form of vitamin A that is universally thought to be one the anti-aging ingredients with the most promise. Retinol speeds the skin's natural exfoliation process: a new layer of skin is usually produced every 35 days. Retinol shortens that to 5 or 6 days, giving your skin a continually brighter, smoother appearance. Green Cream comes in three strengths, ideal for conditioning your skin to the effects of retinol. Most skin types can start at Level 6 (the middle strength), and progress to Level 9 after three to six months of use. Sensitive skin types will want to start at Level 3. With Green Cream, you'll see improved tone and texture with tighter skin, diminished lines, tighter pores and an overall rejuvenated appearance.

I absolutely recommend this product, if you have never tried a retinol or have sensitive skin you should start with the lowest grade then move up. Green Cream is not the cheapest product on the market but can last months! Start out with using it only a few nights a week and see how your skin feels then increase until you are using it 7 nights a week. Green Cream will be something you can use forever so start out at level 3 then move up as your skin adjusts. Because retinol can make you sun sensitive I only use it at night and use a sunscreen in the morning.