Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skin MD Review!

I have battled Combination Skin for what seems like an eternity!! I have acne prone skin that breaks out often so I have to be careful what I use. Even when my skin is under control I can't stand that I have really oily skin, by mid day I am sopping up oil with my blotting papers!

The great folks over at Skin MD sent me a bottle of Skin MD to try out, I was just thinking of using it as a moisturizer to replace the one I currently use that was making me stay oily. I used Skin MD which is actually a "Shielding Lotion" and after a few days I noticed I wasn't using my blotting sheets as much!! OMG I discovered something for my oiliness! This was by total accident but it actually is the best lotion I ever used! A little goes a long way and I have had the bottle over a month now and it still has a lot left. I was not paid to do a review just sent this lotion so this is 100% my opinion and it works for me. If you don't have oily skin like mine it is still a great lotion meant for all types of skin conditions read more below. It just so happens that it works as an oily skin remedy for me! I am so happy, I also have huge pores on my cheeks which look 100 times worse when they get filled with oil so this is a miracle for me!! Thanks SKIN MD!

More from their site:

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is formulated to be far more effective than mere moisturizing lotions or protective creams while utilizing mostly natural ingredients. Seven years of research and development and 741 test batches resulted in a new proprietary blend of "super" humectants six times more effective than the industry standard, glycerin, at hydrating skin. Our customers tell us that Skin MD Natural is most often able to effectively treat the toughest dry skin and help resolve hard to handle skin conditions such as eczema.

Previously all other moisturizers used glycerin as a humectant. A humectant is an ingredient that draws in moisture from the air and allows moisture to be maintained within the body. Skin MD Natural has a proprietary new ingredient that is proven to be 6 times more effective than glycerin. That is, as far as I know, the only product on the market that has this ingredient."

Dr. Peter Helton
Board Certified Dermatologist

They even offer you a sample on their site for you to try yourself! So click here and get your sample!

They also have a 100% guarantee! so order a bottle today! The one I am using is the Skin MD natural without the SPF which sells for $18. .

Disclosure: I received a bottle of SKIN MD for this review! Opinion is 100% mine!

Proactive Review and Giveaway Coming up!

We will be celebrating our new blog design with a Proactive Solution Review and Giveaway!!! I should get that posted up in the next week! Very exciting!