Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Keratin Disappointment

Ok so you have heard me rave about the Coppola Keratin (Keratin Complex), I have done it a few times BUT my last experience was not so great! I have done nothing different to my hair at all, no protein treatments, still using sulfate free shampoo even when the Keratin was no longer in my hair as I learned sulfate free is much better anyway and I got used to it. I got a great deal (should have been my first sign maybe) at a new salon to me which seemed great, The Salon is nice I have done a facial there and was satisfied and the people are nice so I was not worried. So let me get to the point, I got a keratin treatment which looking back I should have focused more on the treatment because I think there were a few things that may have caused my keratin to go badly! First thing I noticed was I didn’t think my hair was COMPLETELY Dry before she added the Keratin but I didn’t touch it but just knowing how long my hair takes to dry I had a feeling but of course at the time I wasn’t worried because the three times before my Keratin always came out fine. So I completed the Keratin, it looked great leaving the salon and I gave a generous tip as always.

So I waited the FULL three days and a few extra hours just to be sure and then washed it out and right away I noticed it was taking a really long time to dry!! All my other keratins would make my hair dry at least 50% quicker then normally so I knew it was not going to be good! I was even using the Coppola Shampoo and Conditioner so it wasn’t that. My hair looked like nothing had been done to it! I was so disappointed and debated whether I would call the salon or not but I did because I still paid a lot of money for it even with the deal I got. The salon told me to come in I showed them my hair and they agreed it didn’t come out right. They asked about shampoos, time I left it in etc and I told them I have done it a few times so I know the deal and did everything correct. My hairdresser did a deep treatment which was nice (free of charge), supposedly it will seal my hair to accept the keratin. I now will wait two months to do it again because even though it didn’t come out I don’t want to risk putting my hair through another process for at least a couple months. They mentioned they think my hair may have become immune to the treatment but I wasn’t buying it. PLUS the icing on the cake my friend got the same “Deal” and went and got hers done and SAME RESULT!!! It didn’t work on her either!!! They swear all their other clients are happy but it just seems like a coincidence that both myself and a friend had the same result! So the moral of the story is watch your hair dresser do the treatment! Make Sure your hair is 110% dry before any treatment is put on and make sure they use enough treatment as well, I confirmed they are using the right product but I am wondering where they purchase it. I will keep you all updated on my “redo” I really don’t want to waste another three days of my life and have it not work!

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