Monday, September 13, 2010

Coppola Keratin Complex

* Image is from the Coppola website I hope to add my own photos soon so you can see the results.

I am bringing this post back up because I am working on a new post about Keratin so wanted to remind you how much I love this product!!

One of the best decisions (Hair\Beauty wise) I have ever made. I researched and researched and researched about permanent hair straightening and read many reviews on how damaging it could be. After almost giving up and surrendering to the fact that I will have to use a flatiron for the rest of my life I came across the Coppola Keratin Complex Therapy Treatment. Although not a permanent solution it is safer and less damaging then other treatments, in fact it claims to make hair healthier the more you do it. This treatment is not just to straighten hair its actually to remove frizz and make hair healthy and shiny. I wrote a complete review on my Coppola Keratin Complex experience on Associated Content.

Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment - Part 1
A review on Coppola Keratin Treatment.
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I am now on my second treatment and will be writing about it soon so keep an eye out! The second treatment was done at Ulta and was MUCH more affordable so check to see if you have an Ulta store nearby. Also Ulta sells the shampoo, conditioners and treatments that go along with the treatment.

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